Storage Tips

Posted by Lynda Klassen on October 25, 2013

Storage Tips

Simple Tips to Prepare and Pack for Storage

Prior to packing for storage, be sure that all items are dry and free from dampness.

Put a coat of wax on wooden furniture and cover with plastic or waterproof tarp. This will help to prevent it from smelling damp or musty.

Extra storage can be gained from places like your washer (be sure it is completely dry), dryer, fridge, stove, dressers, wardrobes, shelving units and suitcases.

When packing your boxes, keep in mind the maximum weight you are able to lift. Keep the boxes at a manageable weight trying not exceed 40lbs. Fill in the empty spaces inside all boxes with newprint, sheets, towels etc to maintain the box shape.

Simple Tips for Moving into Storage

Don't move in on a rainy day. The water and dampness on the boxes and items being stored could be trapped inside the storage unit.

Place items on dry crates or wood planks. This helps create air flow in the unit.

When packing the unit, leave and isle to make it easier to retrieve items and also to leave space for air flow.

Cover furniture with dust covers and put mattresses in mattress bags.

For best moisture prevention inside the unit, use climate controlled units.

Once you have moved in, it's important to visit your unit.